Sunday School For Jewish Studies (SS4JS)

An independent Hebrew School in Newton, MA dedicated to providing quality Jewish education to children ages 2-15.

A model to engage busy familiesSS4JS classes meet once a week on Sundays.  For students who miss a class due to a conflict, teachers post weekly updates for families to “catch up” at their convenience during the week.  Our unique Hebrew School meets every Sunday morning at the Oak Hill School in Newton MA during the school year.  Classes are not held when there is a holiday “long weekend” or school vacation.

Dedicated, passionate, professional teachers. Our teachers are experienced, enthusiastic and committed Jewish educators, bringing richness and vibrancy to our Hebrew School experience.

Quality Jewish educationOur unique educational model is welcoming to students from all denominations and at any level of Jewish education.  The Hebrew School curriculum covers tzedakah (charity), religious rituals, and Jewish themes in daily life.  Students explore Jewish history, learn to read Hebrew, discover their religious and cultural heritage, and explore meaning behind Jewish holidays.

Hebrew instruction at every level in every grade. It is never too late to learn the Aleph-bet.  SS4JS offers leveled Hebrew instruction at every age.  Small study groups support children to learn Hebrew with their peers.  No experience necessary at any age.

Personalized Bar/Bat Mitzvah guidance if you want one.  SS4JS students are not required to have a Bar and Bat Mitzvah.  But for those who want to prepare for this event, we provide a supportive environment regardless of Hebrew level or past Jewish education.  Our Education Director, Dori Stern, personally helps students and families create a meaningful lifecycle event to match the child’s skill and religious level. 

Strong student community. The instruction is age-appropriate and engaging.  On any Sunday morning, our first graders enjoy a morning of singing and simple instruction while our seventh graders discuss Jewish ethics over bagels and cream cheese.  Many of our students return as Teaching Assistants during their middle school career.