Mr. Heller

Sept. 7, 2014

he 6th graders had a very full start to the year! We began with class introductions, and the students discussed whether they view Judaism more as a culture, religion or nationality. We then created a class code of conduct together, focused on respectful behaviors, and reviewed the students’ contract (sent home to be signed with a parent). We then introduced the history curriculum for the year, starting from Abraham and running through (at least) the year 0. We discussed how it is complicated to study Jewish history through Torah stories, and discussed their value. We then introduced the topic of ethics, and the students did activities that asked them to consider different ethical questions, and have a group conversation about those questions. The students then took an assessment of their Hebrew level, and did brief Hebrew read-alouds with me. Finally, they signed up for their elective mini-course with the 7th graders – it was a great and full day, and a start to an exciting year at SSJS!
The 6th graders’ only homework for the week is to review their class contract with a parent and bring it back in signed.