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2nd and 3rd Grade

January 10, 2021

We started class today by sharing stories about our winter vacations, and also by creating a set of classroom rules! I’m excited to begin second semester with your 2nd and 3rd graders. 
We continued learning about G’Vurah this week, which is using our strength and power for good. We started talking about what happens when we combine our G’Vurah with our classmates, families, neighbors and how much more powerful we can be as a group, instead of just an individual. It was great to hear all of the students stories about when they have used their G’Vurah with friends or neighbors, and how impactful that can be, like cleaning up trash at a camp as a group! We realized that we can get projects done much faster and with a greater impact if we have a team by our sides, like volunteering at a food drive, helping to clean up a community park, or cheering on our Front Line Workers in NYC during the COVID Pandemic. I challenge you to think of times when using your G’Vurah as a family has had a greater impact on the community! 
We also listened to the BimBam version of Parsha Vayishlach. The students seem to really enjoy learning about the Torah.
Have a great week! 

October 25, 2020

The past few weeks, we’ve been learning about a Jewish theme called Sukkat Shalom. We started learning about Sukkat Shalom at the beginning of Sukkot, which is a holiday that celebrates the gathering of the harvest and commemorates the miraculous protection God provided for the children of Israel when they left Egypt. Many families build temporary structures (Sukkahs) that provide protection from the outside elements during the holiday, and celebrate inside with friends and family.

Sukkat Shalom stems from this, in that it is a theme about feeling peace and shelter, but not necessarily because of a physical structure. Today each of the students went on a scavenger hunt in their homes to find 3-4 things that provide them peace and shelter. Many of us showed blankets that help us fall asleep, household pets, and small figurines that provide happiness and peace in our everyday lives. We talked about how even though a figure or a thing may bring one person comfort, it doesn’t necessarily provide comfort for everyone who sees it! The kids seemed to really enjoy sharing their objects of safety, and I enjoyed seeing everyone’s objects as well!

We are also following along with the Torah Portions; today we talked about Parsha Noah, and how God chose Noah to build an ark because he was a righteous man. We connected the idea of Sukkat Shalom to this week’s Torah Portion, and realized that the Ark was definitely a Sukkah Shalom for Noah! We wrapped up class by creating drawings or structures from this week’s Parsha.

See you next week!

Alissa Huntsman

Alissa Huntsman

Hi 2nd & 3rd grade families! I’m so excited to be here. This is my fourth year with the Sunday School; I previously taught 6th grade and was a permanent, revolving sub for a couple of years. It’s been so awesome to see the Sunday School in action, both from the sidelines and while teaching such capable, smart and inclusive students.

I started babysitting when I was only 11 years old and nannied for many years, which has helped me realize my passion for watching students grow and learn. During the week, I work at an energy company in Boston, but I haven’t been into the office since March 11th of this year! I live with my husband in Chestnut Hill, and have two adorable nieces, who live in Weston and Natick! McKenna was just born in August, and Anna is two years old. I am one lucky teacher!

I can’t wait to learn from you all, and to navigate this year as a team!
Ms. Marks

Micah Rothkopf

Micah Rothkopf

Hello! I am Micah, a student at Brandeis University, currently studying Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) as well as Philosophy. Outside of class, I host Trivia nights at Brandeis, am an avid hiker, and play both casual and competitive frisbee. I am also a resident advisor (RA) this year! Last year, I worked as one of the head teachers for 5th grade. I love teaching and feel that Jewish education is a great way to feel connected to the greater Jewish community.