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5th Grade

September 19, 2021

On the first day we spent time making name cards and decorating them. We also made a know/want to know list and reviewed the aleph bet. Finally, we talked about the high holidays and the upcoming holdiday of Sukkot. We talked about the rules of building a sukkah, what you do in a sukkah, and where we would put our sukkot if we could put them anywhere (a lot of answers involved space). Here’s the video we didn’t get to in class about Sukkot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRHkgWGyn4Y

September 26, 2021

We started with check-ins and then jumped into Hebrew where we continued to come up with acronyms that matched the sound of the letters. We also learned some basic conversation words and phrases. Then we talked about simcha torah and had a discussion about the last parsha of the torah. Was it fair that Moses did all those things for the isrealites and didn’t get to go into Israel? What is the parsha supposed to teach us? Do we do good things only to be rewarded?

October 24, 2021

We started with check-in and hebrew! We finished our acronyms for the aleph-bet and learned some vocab for family words (mom, dad, brother, sister, sibling etc.). Using our new vocab we made family trees, students had the choice to do a classic family tree, one with important people in their life, or one with characters that are special to them. Then we had snack and learned the first line of the prayer Ma Tovu. Finally, we wrapped up with some torah study on the parsha Vayera. We talked about the towns of Sodom and Gamorra as well as the story of Hagar. We asked some really big questions about right and wrong.

October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween! This week was very high energy with a lot of excitement about trick or treating so we took it easy. We started off by reviewing the aleph-bet, and then learned vocab about how to ask others their name and how to introduce ourselves. We practiced having short conversations adding on to what we learned a few weeks ago. Then we talked about the people we are named after and why, next week we will do an activity using our hebrew names. Next we had snack and learned about this weeks parsha Chayei Sara. Finally, we finished up with some games.

November 7, 2021

This week we started with a check-in and then we moved on to some Hebrew learning. We played a few rounds of around the world with the aleph bet and a game where students faced off in 2 teams to find the definition of our vocab words. Next, we continued our life cycle learning my looking up the meanings of our Hebrew (or English) names and drawing our interpretation of the meaning. We continued our prayer learning with the shema. We learned how to chant the first line, what it means, and discussed whether or not students felt the message of the central prayer encompassed the central ideas of Judaism. Finally, we discussed parshat Toldot where Jacob and Rebecca purposfully trick Esau and Isaac so Jacob can have the birthright even though he was born second. We discussed whether or not this was a right thing to do, judging people based on their appearance, and much more. It was a great day!

November 14, 2021

We started with check-ins and reviewed hebrew letters with a few games of around the world. Then we started off our Hannukah learning with some vocabulary and discussion of the different parts of Hannukah (story, traditions, ritual objects etc.). After snack, we started learning Hannukah songs! We learned Maoz Tzur, Al Hanisim, Sevivon Sov Sov Sov, and we sang some others we alreadt knew. After a quick break we watched the Maccabeats Candlelight Hannukah parody video which is one of my all time favorites. Then we watched a different video about the meaning of Hannukah and how the concepts in the Hannukah story fit into our lives today. We finished up by making some accrostic poems with the words Hannukah, which was quite the challenge!

November 21, 2021

This week we continued gettting ready for Hannukah! We started with check ins and then went right into Hebrew where we traced the letters of Hannukah vocab words on the board while discussing their revelance. After that we had three activities to choose from, making a draidel out of cardstock, a hannukah word search, and a hannukah crossword puzzle. After snack we continued working on the songs we learned last week, and we caouldnt resist watching the Macabeats video a few more times! Finally, we picked our parts and read through a very cute Hannukah play.

December 12, 2021

This week we started with check-ins and then introduced vowels. We worked on worksheets and reading simple words using our new skill. Then, we continued of prayer learning with the v’ahavta. We read the english translation and discussed the meaning. After snack we continued with our torah study, first recapping where we had left off in the book of bereshit. Then we discussed the story of Joseph and made fortune tellers, since Joseph had an ability to interpret dreams and give guidance for the future.

December 19, 2021

This week we began with a round of rose, bud, thorn about the past week. Next, we played bingo with the aleph bet to finish out our learning. We are going to move on to reading Hebrew after break! We also continued our discussion about the v’ahavta and talked about the practice of wearing tefillin. After snack, we went over the five books of the torah since we finished the book of bereshit last week and were starting exodus. We discussed the first chapter of the book of exodus and each student was given a discussion question to find the answer to in a summary video. Finally, we discussed the parsha and did an art project of baby moses in the nile river.

January 9, 2022

For our first class back from winter break we spent the beginning of class telling each other all the cool stuff we did! Then we moved on to Hebrew where we started learning the names of numbers and the number system gematria. Then we talked about the mezuzah and listened to the chanting of the v’ahavta, starting to get an idea of what the prayer sounds like in a service. Once we were done with snack we continued our life cycle learning with a lesson about bar/bat/bnai mitzvot. Students discussed the aspects of a bar mitzvah they new and we filled in the gaps together. Finally, we learned about parshat shemot and had a fantastic discussion about different artisitc representations of the exodus from egypt.

January 23, 2022

This week was a really great week! We started with check-ins and jumped right back into the v’ahavta. We worked on reading the first line in Hebrew with vowels and practiced the tune. Then we moved on to Hebrew where we learned the months of the year, talked about what a lunar calendar is, and learned how to write the date. To fingure out how to write the date we combined our new skills with the months as well as our gematria skills. Next, we learned about the holiday of tu b’shvat (our date writing came in handy for understanding why that is the name of the holiday) and played a fun matching game with tu b’shvat vocab including the seven species. Finally, we connected all that learning to the jewish value of tikkun olam and discussed MLK day (the reason we didnt have class the week before) and civil rights movement, some big problems in our world right now, and what we can do in our everyday lives to uphold the value of tikkun olam.

Sabrina Casey

Sabrina Casey

Sabrina Casey is the 5th grade teacher for SSJS.