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5th Grade

September 19, 2021

On the first day we spent time making name cards and decorating them. We also made a know/want to know list and reviewed the aleph bet. Finally, we talked about the high holidays and the upcoming holdiday of Sukkot. We talked about the rules of building a sukkah, what you do in a sukkah, and where we would put our sukkot if we could put them anywhere (a lot of answers involved space). Here’s the video we didn’t get to in class about Sukkot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRHkgWGyn4Y

September 26, 2021

We started with check-ins and then jumped into Hebrew where we continued to come up with acronyms that matched the sound of the letters. We also learned some basic conversation words and phrases. Then we talked about simcha torah and had a discussion about the last parsha of the torah. Was it fair that Moses did all those things for the isrealites and didn’t get to go into Israel? What is the parsha supposed to teach us? Do we do good things only to be rewarded?
Sabrina Casey

Sabrina Casey

Sabrina Casey is the 5th grade teacher for SSJS.