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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prep
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The Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the Sunday School for Jewish Studies is an individualized family life cycle event.

Our Education Director meets with every family who wants to have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Together they create a beautiful, meaningful and individualized ceremony.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prep

We do not “train” our students to have a Bat or Bar Mitzvah ceremony… We teach.

We teach the ethical meaning and historical significance of your child’s Torah and Haftarah portion. We teach the meaning of any prayers that your child might learn. We discuss the Hebrew meaning of portions and prayers and welcome your child’s questions, doubts and beliefs. We hope to expand your children’s horizons and have this life cycle event enrich your child’s life as well as your family’s lives.

Your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an opportunity to create a unique and memorable experience. We welcome your ideas, including what portions of the ceremony will be in Hebrew or English. Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah students may choose to focus more extensively on good deeds (mitzvot) or focus on an interpretation of his or her Torah portion. Some students choose to lead a discussion on their Torah portion in lieu of leading a service or chanting from the Torah.

Our beautiful Torah and Ark, along with full sets of the Sunday School for Jewish Studies prayer books, are available for rental for your child’s bar/ bat mitzvah.

We also have a list of resources to support you in this journey including tutors, officients, and vendors.

Tutoring is directed toward each family’s education goals

Private Tutoring

Tutoring lessons for Bar and Bat Mitzvah depend on what a Sunday School family wants their child to learn. Tutoring is optional and additional sessions are conducted by private tutors.

Scope and cost of the tutoring session is based on what part of the service will be conducted by the student and how much time will be needed to achieve the goal.

Some of our families want their child to lead a traditional morning Shabbat service; other families prefer their child to concentrate their study on the meaning of their Torah portion and lead a discussion about what they have learned.

The decision of length and type of study is usually made with the guidance of the tutor and the Sunday School Education Director, who work collaboratively with each interested family helping them to decide what will be the preferred mode of study for their child.



SSJS owns its own Torah, Ark, and Prayer Books. These resources are used at the SSJS High Holiday Services and are also available for rental to use at your personal Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

To reserve the resources for your event, please contact us

SSJS is advised by local rabbis representing various denominations so as to remain current in our teaching and observances. In addition, SSJS families may engage with a select list of rabbis who can officiate and/or tutor your child during any lifecycle event, including Bar/Bat mitzvah.

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