Weekly Summary Page

1st Grade


Hebrew summary:
Grade 5 : practice page 110 Final Tzadee
Grade 3 : practice is on page 39 silent letter Alef
Grade 7: continue practicing the letter Yud as a consonant and not as a vowel.
Grade 4: practice is on pages 86 and 87 Tet however if it is too difficult to go back to the last letters you feel comfortable with and practice that and next week we will reassess if we’re accelerating too fast.

Ms. Kelner

Ms. Kelner

Ellen Kelner has been teaching grade 1 at the Sunday School for Jewish Studies for about 10 years. It is a job that she truly loves. Ellen says, “I am committed to making your child’s experience with Jewish education both filled with knowledge and memorable moments of fun.”

She is a Title 1 teacher in the Newton Public Schools and before that was a grade 1 classroom teacher. Ellen is also the parent of three proud alums of the Sunday School and at one time served as one of the co-presidents.