Weekly Summary Page

Ivrit Aleph


Hebrew summary:
Grade 5 : practice page 110 Final Tzadee
Grade 3 : practice is on page 39 silent letter Alef
Grade 7: continue practicing the letter Yud as a consonant and not as a vowel.
Grade 4: practice is on pages 86 and 87 Tet however if it is too difficult to go back to the last letters you feel comfortable with and practice that and next week we will reassess if we’re accelerating too fast.

Ms. Abramson

Ms. Abramson


Renee Abramson has worked as a Jewish educator since her return from Israel (after living there close to 10 years). As an American Israeli, holding dual citizenship, she inspires her students with her love for Israel, our heritage and the language.

Renee holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, M.Ed. in Second Language Acquisition and a second Master’s in Education. She teaches English to the many new immigrants at Milford High School.  At SSJS she is excited to bring students into the adventure of reading Hebrew.