Weekly Summary Page

Pre K Through 2nd Grade

September 19, 2021

We started our first class by getting to know each other, we shared our age, a fun fact, and something they were looking forward to learning at Sunday School this year! We then started with our High Holiday crash course. We talked about Rosh Hashanah and danced to Dip Your Apple and then created Shana Tova cards. We then read “The Hardest Word” and talked about the importance of saying sorry and Yom Kippur. Lastly, we finished by beginning to talk about Sukkot and creating paper chains to decorate a Sukkah.

September 26, 2021

We started with a check-in about our weeks and shared some fun things we did. We then jumped in by reading Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express. We started learning about the Alef Bet this week, by the end of the year we will have learned all of the letters! Our first letter was Alef, we learned what it looks like, what sound it makes and we did some fun activities with it. We then learned about Simchat Torah and started decorating flags to dance with. We had so much fun at the Sukkot festivities! We bounced in a bouncy house, collected herbs and made Havdallah candles and even met some chickens!

Alexa Grasfield

Alexa Grasfield

Hi everyone! I’m Alexa Grasfield and I’m so excited to be joining Sunday School for Jewish Studies! I am currently in graduate school to become a Social Studies Teacher but I’ve worn many hats – Preschool Teacher, Pre-K Teacher, and currently a 4th and 5th-grade teacher. When I’m not teaching I like to hang out with my cat, read, and bullet journal. I’m looking forward to a great and very fun year ahead!