Weekly Summary Page

2nd Grade


We had a wonderful time celebrating TuB’Shevat in our class today. We enjoyed a book entitled “The Littlest Tree” and played a TuB’Shevat board game. I told a story called “Almond Tree’s Birthday”. The children helped in the telling by adding blossoms to the velcro board.

We are working on Chapter 13 in the textbook, which highlights Final MEM. The key word, which ends with final MEM is “L’Chaim”! (To Life). We toasted L’Chaim to our newly planted lima beans.

Have a wonderful vacation!

Ms. Elins

Ms. Elins

Mindy Elins brings a joyous learning experience to our second graders at Sunday School for Jewish Studies.
Earning a Master’s Degree in Expressive Therapies at Leslie University, Mindy went on to receive additional Master Certifications from Hebrew College and Brandeis University. Formal education aside, Mindy is a student of people and relationships. She takes every opportunity to learn about our children and their families.

Mindy is a leader in integrating creative arts with Judaic curriculum. Her classes are a festival of music, art, movement and storytelling, designed to engage every learner. Jewish values, holidays and the Hebrew language come alive as our classroom and school communities develop over the year. Please come and join the fun!