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3rd Grade


This past Sunday, we continued to learn about Rosh Ha’Shana – the Jewish New Year. On Sunday evening, at sundown, we will welcome in the year 5780, and celebrate Rosh HaShana for two days. Unlike the Gregorian New Year, on the Jewish New Year, we focus on how we can become better people in the year to come. One RH custom that can help us think about improving ourselves is called Tashlich, which involves throwing crumbs into a moving body of water; the crumbs represent our sins from the past year. Ask your child if s/he remembers who eats those crumbs/sins! Our class project was a “Tashlich fish.” On the back of the Tashlich cutout, each student wrote something they hope to do better in the coming year, or they wrote the word sorry – either way, the student thought about an interaction with another person that they can improve upon in 5780 – e.g., .being more considerate to a sibling, helping parents, etc. Whatever is written is between your child and Hashem (God – I figure most Americans know the word Allah, so I am hoping to teach American Jews that we use the word Hashem to refer to God). We talked about how it’s not easy to improve behavior, especially in the moment. But maybe one way to remind ourselves of our “Tashlich wish” is to look at our “Tashlich fish.” You might also ask your child if s/he remembers why pomegranates are eaten on RH … hint: something to do with so many seeds…

Wishing you and your family a Shana Tova u’Metuka – a Happy and Sweet New Year,

Ms. Scolnick

Ms. Scolnick

This is Vicky Scolnick’s seventh year at the Sunday School. She has taught in Hebrew schools in Phoenix, NYC, Chicago and Boston. Vicky’s has a BA in Political Science and attended the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.

On non-teaching days, Vicky works as a Business Unit Coordinator at the law firm Goodwin Procter. On all days, she enjoys spending time with her 18-year old daughter Yael and any activities related to “tikkun olam” – making the world a better place.