Quality Jewish Education Your Children Will Enjoy

Weekly Sunday School

Once a Week

Sunday School classes meet once a week (once a month for Pre-K and Kindergarten). Our dynamic programming provides and engaging and enriching experience that fits into the busy lives that families lead. Our families have discovered that SSJS has made it is possible to learn about Judaism, while balancing the demands of school sports, music lessons, and homework.

Contact us to learn more. We welcome you to arrange time to join us on a Sunday to see if the SSJS experience is right for you.

Flexible for Busy Families

We understand that due to the conflicting priorities families must balance in today’s busy world, some of our students may miss several Sundays. In order to accommodate situations like these, our teachers post a weekly summary online so students are able to keep up with what they missed during their absence.

The Sunday School is geared towards flexibility because we understand the multitude of commitments with which families continually juggle. We appreciate and support the desire of our families to give their children a Jewish education in conjunction with the rest of their activities.


Jewish Education in the time of COVID

We recognize that all families have been negatively impacted by the ongoing pandemic. For some, the impacts may include financial hardship, and we have taken this into consideration when planning our tuition rates for next year. Additionally, our ability to hold in-person classes has been placed on hold due to the pandemic, and uncertainty of how and when our campus will re-open.
We are actively making technology improvements to design an exciting and interactive Jewish education experience for our families. The SSJS website is also being modernized and updated. In addition to these enhancements, we are preparing at-home learning materials and cultural activities to be used alongside live remote classes.

Please note, due to the nature of virtual learning, online classes will be shorter in duration.

Supplies note: Our teachers will do their best to use readily available and common household items in their weekly projects and activities. There may be some at home printing required. We will also have a couple of Shalom@Home supply pickup times